Citizen Safety Tips


Please be aware and very cautious of an individual or individual(s) claiming to be from a church or religious group. These characters will seem like they are peaceful harmless church goers, however they will either take donations from you and keep the monies for themselves or they may forcibly rob and steal money or merchandise from you and may even harm, injure or kill you or your family member(s). Don’t allow anyone to enter your house or motor vehicle because if they are criminal derelicts they will not appear to be at first until its too late when they may attack you. If you don’t recognize the person, take information such as: description of these thugs, vehicle license plate, and other information available and contact the Police. Do not open your door (Car of Home) speak through it and/or drive away quickly and safely. There are or Amazon Blink cameras aw well as many others to capture video around your home. There are also car cam of which you can purchase to video 360 degrees around your vehicle to detect perpetrator’s as well as should someone crash into you.

  • A few people may approach you and say that they found a certain amount of money in a wallet or other merchandise in a sealed box. Seeing they are all working together, the leader will ask for all people involved to put up some good faith money and the bad guy exchanges the money for the merchandise which is given to you and the other people in the scam. You hand over the good faith cash and you never see the cash or the strangers again. In another similar situation, the bad guys may also approach you with a sealed bag or package and the subjects (bad guys) one of them, making believe he or she doesn’t know the others, offers for you and the other accomplices working with him, to put up some cash and he will give you the sealed package. The bad guy may claim that the package was given to him by his grandmother and it has $10,000 in cash in it. They may say mention for sentimental reasons, being he or she was so close to their relative, he doesn’t have the strength to open it. The other bad guys will donate some cash to him or her and pressure you to also. Don’t do it, you won’t ever see any of them again and this sealed package may only contain chicken feathers or old soiled newspapers etc.,
  • Another common scam on the part of some other lowlifes may consist of one or two individuals approaching you with a lotto or lottery ticket. They may claim that it is a “winning ticket” for $1,000 and verify it by showing you a newspaper. They may further lie and explain that the reason why they can’t cash it in is because they do not have legal citizenship in America and for tax rules and regulation purposes they aren’t going to be able to obtain the prize. The lottery numbers that were the winning numbers had come out the day before and the bad guys in turn picked the same numbers the following day and showed you a newspaper article for instance displaying the winning numbers, from the previous day that is. Many people fall for it and give a hundred dollars cash or more for a thousand dollar or more prize, not realizing that the alleged winning ticket was the right numbers on the wrong day after the same numbers came up. A day late and may dollars short to say the least, don’t be a “sucker” and let these “thugs” and “losers” get the best of you with an elementary foolish scam as this one is. Nothing free in life so treat every situation as if it is life threatening, potentially threatening, or suspicious when dealing with unknown persons and/or known in some cases. Sometimes the person closest to you can become the biggest threat and/or the people they are friends with who may be scammers.
  • If someone approaches you and offers for you to invest in a new company and guarantees a high return on your financial backing, “Watch Out”. The bad guys may ask for you and others standing around to invest and show computer graphs and expensive looking brochures and they may even be dressed well and appear reputable. However, as in previous scenario’s this is a group of organized derelicts swindling and stealing monies from you. This crime is sometimes referred to a “Pyramid Scheme”. This may also include someone you know of which means no harm to you, but has been lied to and deceived by these criminal’s as well. In turn your friend unknowingly attempts to get you involved with this alleged marketing sales program. You may also be required to recruit other friends and members creating many sales people for the originator of this scam.
  • There are other bad guys that may approach you dressed with a suit or business dress or similar attire and seem honest. They may also come to your home claiming to be police or affiliated law enforcement of some kind. They may offer to advertise or sell you commercial or residential marketing space and ads with yellow pages or internet sales and even show what seems to be brochures or a phone book of some sought and in turn be completely a scam. Many bad guys carry and may possess all the literature and documents to attempt to convince you that they are real, be aware many times you are better off taken there business cards and some documentation from them and their telephone numbers and ask the better business bureau or consumer affairs to verify same. You may also ask these possible losers and criminals what there business license numbers are and verify with the issuing office. If they fail to provide this information you have requested it is very likely that they are a fraud. Once again, don’t let them into your home or open your car doors because they may try to overtake you.
  • Don’t just donate clothes, merchandise, or money to just anyone. Ask for there identification and a telephone number of the main district office they allegedly belong to. You can contact your local police department and inquiry with them whether or not these people you are donating to are legitimate. If you do provide them with donations be sure to get a receipt for IRS purposes and should you have any problems thereafter. A good course to donate to would be your local church or known organizations like salvation army etc.,  Ask them for recommendations.
  • If someone promises you a loan and you unfortunately have bad credit or have claimed bankruptcy don’t be so quick to take their offer. Many scam artists may guarantee you a loan or correction of your credit for say $1,000 only upon successful completion of the correction of your credit. Sounds great so far? Oh, by the way we only require a $250.00 start up fee. Guess what? You got it! You wont see them again. They may also possess like all other low life criminals have, brochures, business cards etc. Get LifeLock or similar identity protection of which will also provide title protection for your home should some thief try to take a mortgage or loan out on your home. Also, make sure you have a suitable and regularly updated Anti-Virus and Firewall on all of your computers, laptops, phone devices etc., Having a good working cell phone is highly important especially if your power goes out or in public places is highly important.
  • There are many losers and derelicts that proceed around with merchandise in their trucks and briefcases. Be very careful, not only are you committing a crime by purchasing stolen merchandise and products they have, but you may also be getting extremely bogus items and there is no guarantee when they skip town. They may even provide you with a phony or false business cards or identification.
  • Watch out for the reverse psychology method on the part of scam artists and criminals referred to as the “Recovery Program”. They offer some assistance by trying to find out what people have ripped you off previously for a nominal fee of say $300.00. These bad guys are just as bad as the rest of the thieves out there. They are claiming to benefit you when in fact they are not going to investigate the previous thugs that ripped you off in the first place. They may very well be the original thugs or new thugs which are scamming you again.
  • Please also be aware of an unsolicited letter from Nigeria or foreign country or for that matter and American company in which these organized criminals and lowlife’s claim to be a high ranking official from the Nigerian Government. These idiots claim that they have millions of dollars available to give away and that you are one of the only few recipients and all they need is an application filled out with your financial background and Bank Accounts etc. They may or may not request an advanced fee for transfer purposes. In turn these derelicts will remove all of your finances from your banks and accounts provided to them leaving you with practically nothing.
  • Please be aware of many scam artists that may come dressed as they say in “sheep’s clothing” and are “inwardly wolves” seeking who they can devour by dressing in clothing and uniforms that makes you believe that they are with a legitimate organization such as the “Salvation Army” etc. These bad guys may very well not belong to a legal organization but are actually thieves looking to take your money or property and keep it for themselves.
  • Travel scams, where you are sent or given a $350 certificate or what appears to a guarantee and they request additional monies from you for the “so-called” trip of a lifetime. Actually you are probably heading to a very poor vacation spot where you may even be attacked or assaulted by the very persons that arranged and prepared the trip for you in the first place, Don’t be fooled by derelicts and losers that may arrange your destiny. Please use reputable travel sources of which you can check out on online reviews etc. Contact your local Better Business Bureau or Consumer Affairs to check the travel agency.
  • There are many similar scam lowlife artists that may provide documentation to attempt to sell you some gems, diamonds, gold or jewelry. They may even show you false appraisals or certificates of authenticity when in fact these items probably came from a bubble gum machine. The same holds true with respect to individuals claiming to have land or property for sale. They may have maps, surveys and a deed or other documents which appears to be valid. Guess what?? You probably figured out by now that they lied, you are correct. These subject’s or should I put it more properly “Swindling Dirt Bags” are scam artists as well.
  • Oh yes and the old “earn millions” or “thousands” by working at home. Be very weary about these phony scam artists. They will most likely ask or require you to send money and you most likely won’t make anything.
  • In addition to many other methods that thieves may utilize in taking advantage of innocent law abiding citizens, there are many promises provided to you by them. Someone may offer what appears to be an excellent business opportunity and show you documentation of people vouching or supporting them or their organization. Don’t fall for it! These may not be factual sources or legitimate references, they are another falsehood and these people may steal all of your money or valuables.

Finally, amongst other important things, be aware of your surroundings, know who you real friends are. Be very cautious but yet use good common sense. Don’t ever be afraid to make a police report or tell a significant other, ie; family, police, close friend that you are being stalked, followed, or something uncomfortable is happening. If you are approached by any people similar to the above derelicts or thieves, please take whatever information business cards etc., they want to offer you and advise them that you will get back to them. Play along with these losers for a short time if they confront you or catch you off guard. Try to remember and annotate some important information such as; license plates numbers, there physical description color of hair, eyes, clothes, vehicles etc., and “Immediately” report these scam artists to the police.

Obviously, if at all possible, DO NOT let these losers into to your home or vehicle. Try and remain anonymous if possible, especially if your home address is known by them. Don’t wait until its too late, contact the Police “Immediately”! Keep yourself and your family mentally, physically, and spiritually conditioned. Eat and drink the right stuff, take your vitamins (Check with a Herbal Remedy Dr.). Consider learning an effective self defense art, exercise, and ultimately, “Protect Your Family & Protect Yourself”. Remember, “Safety First” in all things.

If you need further information on criminal activities and scam artists please contact the FTC’s Public Reference Office, Room #130, 6th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20580 or call (202) 326-2222 or TTY for the hearing impaired (202) 326-2502. You can also contact your local Police, The FBI, your private Attorney, or the Attorney General from the State or Nation you reside in.